Nutriscore Hero Podstrona Bio Eksperci


Dariusz Wlodarek

Associate Professor Dariusz Włodarek, Eng., MD

Doctor of medicine, dietician and nutrition expert. A graduate of the Faculty of Sciences on Human Nutrition and Consumption at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. He accomplished a post-doctoral degree in agricultural sciences in the field of food and nutrition technology (specialty of human nutrition and dietetics). He is also an academic. Head of Food Science Chair of Human Nutrition Institute at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Author of course books on dietetics and several articles in this field.

Joanna Olszak

Joanna Olszak, advisor on nutritional law at IGI Food Consulting

An enthusiast of the food law with many years of practical experience and an efficient coach. She has been continuously involved in the field of the food law since 2008. Her field of expertise is solving problems, including interpretation of regulations, especially regarding food labeling, popularization and advertisement. She regularly releases industry-related and popular science publications. She evaluates pre-press preparations, prepares drafts of letters to institutions and teaches all those who want to know mysteries of the food law and exercise them in practice, while also having fun.

Thanks to her knowledge, experience and involvement, she can efficiently advise customers in their day-to-day work and assure them safe functioning within the industry. In her private life she teaches her three children correct eating habits and is an enthusiast of coffee and books, however only these “true” ones with cover, pages and exceptional smell.