On January 1, 2022, France begins its six-month presidency of the Council of the European Union. Ahead of the upcoming term, a small stone has slipped into the shoes of French leaders: Nutri-Score. This beacon-based nutritional labelling system has been in use in French retail outlets since 2016 and is now enjoying the full attention … Read more

In the dialogue  between  scientists,  MEPs and citizens the French government is accused of acting  in its own interest by supporting the Nutri Score nutrition label being on the front of the packaging. “It’s no secret” – says Spanish MEP Adrian Vasquez Lazara. “I hope that the European Commission will not fall into the trap” … Read more

According to the Italian Minister of Agriculture, the French government is considering the possibility of not supporting the French system for the nutrition labelling of products with the Nutri Score as a new EU-wide food labelling scheme. Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and French President Emmanuel Macron discussed the Nutri Score on the sidelines of … Read more

Efanews.eu website informed that the Italian antitrust authority (AGCM) drew attention in particular to the attribution of positive health properties to products when they are marked with the highest Nutri Score grades. The AGCM announced the launch of five investigations related to the use of Nutri Score system markings on the packaging front by companies … Read more

In the ongoing discussion on the actual value of the Nutri-Score system, interesting new comparisons are emerging. This time on the pages of Portal Spożywczy an evaluation of the practical functioning of the Nutri-Score system was published by Katarzyna Rada, owner and originator of the service czytajsklad.com. The evaluation of the methodology and how it … Read more

Diet is of great importance for prevention of lifestyle diseases, this is why the European Commission is planning to introduce additional labels on food products. They are supposed to make it easier for us to choose healthy food and to shape positive eating habits. One of the solutions discussed is the Nutri-Score system which, according … Read more

The webinar attended by experts and representatives of the agricultural and food industry will take place on November 25, 2021 at 1 p.m., in cooperation with Portal Spożywczy. Its topic will be the Nutri-Score food label system. We will be discussing its influence on the agricultural and processing industry and the consequences of possible wide-scale … Read more

It simplifies product assessment too much: it informs on general product nutritional value on the basis of only four (4) selected product parameters (energy value, saturated fatty acids, sugar and salt) and selected nine (9) product ingredients (dietary fiber, protein, fruit, vegetables, legumes, oils (made of rapeseed, walnuts and olives). It does not support diversified/balanced … Read more

Europe is the region of cuisine diversity. Most consumers know products characteristic for its certain regions: olives from Greece, Italian cold cuts, Mediterranean olive oil, French cheeses, cuisine diversity of Spain and Portugal, German Currywurst or salmon from the North, also our Polish oscypek smoked cheese, apple, carrot and tomato juices, smoked meat, cold cuts … Read more