In the Science of the Medical University of Warsaw published a column by Assoc. Prof. Mariusz Panczyk on labeling products with nutritional value. For several months you can see five-color nutrition labels on selected food products sold in Poland and other EU countries. This is the Nutri-Score tagging system developed in France in 2017. “Although … Read more

The composition and quality of food rations and the intake of nutrients with the diet are undoubtedly reflected in our health. In order to help the consumer choose the right food product, food manufacturers use front-of-pack labels, which are designed to convey concise information about the nutritional value of the product. Such labels include the … Read more

The Italian Permanent Representation to the European Union organised today at the European Parliament the “Politics meets Nutrition Science” roundtable hosted by Vice President hon. Pina Picierno under the auspices of the Italian delegations of the European Parliament’s political groups. The European Commission is expected to propose an harmonised EU front-of-pack labelling scheme in 2023 … Read more

Dutch scientists argue that Nutri-Score ratings do not always align with national dietary guidelines, that the label can be misleading, and that it can undermine consumer trust. To address the criticism, a scientific committee was set up by the Netherlands and seven European countries (that were using or implementing Nutri-Score). The Committee’s mandate is to … Read more

Portal FoodFakty has reported on the problems that may arise from attempts to introduce a Nutri-Score system as a unified solution for the whole of the European Union. The problems of Nutri-Score in Italy, Spain and France are particularly evident. 5 proceedings on the Italian market The Competition and Markets Authority (AGCM) announces that on … Read more

On January 1, 2022, France begins its six-month presidency of the Council of the European Union. Ahead of the upcoming term, a small stone has slipped into the shoes of French leaders: Nutri-Score. This beacon-based nutritional labelling system has been in use in French retail outlets since 2016 and is now enjoying the full attention … Read more

In the dialogue  between  scientists,  MEPs and citizens the French government is accused of acting  in its own interest by supporting the Nutri Score nutrition label being on the front of the packaging. “It’s no secret” – says Spanish MEP Adrian Vasquez Lazara. “I hope that the European Commission will not fall into the trap” … Read more

According to the Italian Minister of Agriculture, the French government is considering the possibility of not supporting the French system for the nutrition labelling of products with the Nutri Score as a new EU-wide food labelling scheme. Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and French President Emmanuel Macron discussed the Nutri Score on the sidelines of … Read more website informed that the Italian antitrust authority (AGCM) drew attention in particular to the attribution of positive health properties to products when they are marked with the highest Nutri Score grades. The AGCM announced the launch of five investigations related to the use of Nutri Score system markings on the packaging front by companies … Read more

In the ongoing discussion on the actual value of the Nutri-Score system, interesting new comparisons are emerging. This time on the pages of Portal Spożywczy an evaluation of the practical functioning of the Nutri-Score system was published by Katarzyna Rada, owner and originator of the service The evaluation of the methodology and how it … Read more